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Plate materials:               + 99 871 113 14 15
Laminated floor
                       + 99 898 365 48 88
Hem, Glue,
Furniture Hardware:
        + 99 871 150 19 65
Woodworking machines: + 99 871 150 19 65



+99871 203-11-11

About us


Our company was founded in 1995. We are actively involved in the creation of high-tech furniture and woodworking industries. We use global experience, advanced technology and the skill of the best manufacturers.


Specializing in CNC technology, we cooperate with the world's leading manufacturers of equipment for woodworking and furniture production. Our range of wood cutting tools include high-quality edging and consumables, adhesives, spare parts and accessories.

Woodworking and furniture production is our profession.
Our credo - Together, stronger.


Introducing modern technologies, woodworking, furniture production, modernization of furniture and providing with high-class equipmen. 

Prompt and high-quality technical service is our goal!


All for furniture production


Office furniture


Office sofas


Chairs and Sofas


Tools (Leitz)


Home furniture