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  Edgebanding machine - Tabletopmachine type
Manufacturer BRANDT - Germany
model KTD 820 Optimat 

ktd 820 The field of irregular shaped work-pieces has become more and more extensive but a batch size of "1" can be today's standard. The Optimat KTD 820 has been created for this requirement.
The operator comfort level has become a much more important aspect when it comes to larger contour parts, because an optimum bonding quality can only achieved with an optimum handling.

A large panel can be fixed by means of a vacuum suction table and can be easily processed. The gluing unit is almost weightless and therefore can be guided around nearly every panel contour. If parts are becomming smaller, the KTD 820 can be converted into a table machine with very little effort. In this case the gluing unit will be attached to the machine table and the workpiece can to be guided along the gluing unit. This means, that the operator always moves the lighter part. It is either the weightless gluing unit or a small work-piece a long the fixed gluing unit.

Technical characteristics
Edge thickness (mm)                      0,4 - 3,0                    
Workpiece thickness (mm) 16 - 42
Feed speed (m/min) 0,7 - 4,2
Machine length (mm) 14300
Weight (kg)  590

More detailed information you can get from the manufacturer's web-site: WWW.BRANDT.DE