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The official representative of KLEBCHEMIE M.G.Becker GmbH & Co. KG
The Company «KLEBCHEMIE M.G.Becker GmbH & Co. KG» - the most famous  manufacturer of high-quality adhesives brand of "KLEIBERIT". Everywhere, where there is a bonding that You can meet adhesives with the trade mark of «KLEIBERIT».

The Company «KLEBCHEMIE M.G.Becker GmbH & Co. KG» produces adhesive materials for different industries since 1948. About 300 employees produce about 40,000 tons of glue materials per year. The export share is about 80%.

The Company «KLEBCHEMIE M.G.Becker GmbH & Co. KG» always guarantees the quality of the adhesive joint. For many years,  quality management system is effectively used in accordance with ISO standards 9001:2000.

Special attention is paid to ecological purity of food products. Glue production process of  «KLEBCHEMIE M.G.Becker GmbH & Co. KG» is carried out under constant technical and quality control, as in the laboratories of the company, and the leading independent institutions of Western Europe.

More than 300 products under the trademark «KLEIBERIT» are successfully applied in the market and are divided into the following groups:
- dispersion, do not contain solvents, for gluing of solid timber, membrane pressing, post forming production line, etc.;
- 1 - and 2-component polyurethane adhesive system;
- epoxy system;
- glues-melts for use in wood processing, construction and automobile industries;
- glues-melts (on the basis of EVA, polyamide, polyolefin, polyester, polyurethane);
- adhesives with tackiness;
- foam and sealing mass;
- glues on the basis of the solvents for lamination of any kind of profiles, production of upholstered furniture.

The products of the company «KLEBCHEMIE M.G.Becker GmbH & Co. KG» is applied in areas of the industry, such as:
- Wood processing;
- Furniture;
- Construction, construction and installation;
- Processing and manufacture of products from plastic;
- Automobile;
- Production of filters;
- Textile.

The products of the company «KLEBCHEMIE M.G.Becker GmbH & Co. KG» is designed for manufacturing of various products and materials, produced with the help of well-known technologies such as:
- Installation of structural elements;
- Coating for floors (repellent laminate, laying laminate and parquet, the production of parquet, soundproofing);
- Special glue systems for the laying of the roof;
- Production of filters for the cars, air conditioners, etc.;
- Backing on plastic (membrane pressing, CompleteLine, glueing on the plastic, Flat Lamination, production of light construction boards, постформинг);
- HotCoating - special anticorrosive coating for veneer and laminate/parquet;
- Edge banding;
- Installation and manufacturing of constructions (Windows, doors, glued shield; mounting bonding; - - PUR-MAX system; polyurethane glues-melts; the production of structural timber);
- Facing PVC and aluminium profile, (used inside and outside of the premises);
- Various application; foams
- Backing of textile fabrics