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Laminate flooring and wall panels

Laminate flooring

Kronostar Laminate Flooring offers elegant and durable flooring. Their benefits are well recognized among its users in Russia and many other countries. Unique product quality and the variety of the designs are results of use of latest technologies and international knowledge and experience. Kronostar Laminate Flooring is a modern wood based product which makes an alternative to the traditional floor coverings.

Wall panels

Wall panels provide a creative solution to any individual interior design. Wall panels mean not only unique quality, but also durable, aesthetic and available in several appealing decors solutions to space arrangement. They are mainly designed for wall paneling, however they can also be laid on ceilings. In addition they improve thermal and acoustic insulation of interior rooms. They are easy to assemble and can be laid in any configuration. Wall panels are constructed with a MDF's core and are finished on one side with a decorative color film.