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On 27th and  29th of June in the conference hall of hotel «S NAMANGAN» in Namangan city and in the international business center of  "HAMKOR" in  Andijan city  were held training seminars  devoted to the study of the furniture industry in the Ferghana Valley  and to introduce local businesses, manufacturers of furniture and woodworking with our products and your products , new opportunities in the manufacturing and know-how.


     Ferghana Valley - is one of the most beautiful areas of the Oases, with total area of ​​22,000 square meters. km and  population of over 7 million people. Surrounded by mountains of Tien Shan and crossed with rivers of Syr Darya and Naryn, the Ferghana Valley is famous with its cities as Namangan, Andijan, Ferghana, Margilan, Kokand, Shakhimardan, Kuva. As a matter of fact, we can say that the Valley is home to most artisans, wood carvers and carpenters in Central Asia.


    During the trip to Ferghana Valley, we visited the largest producers of furniture in the region such as the "ANDIJAN FURNITURE", "SHARK YULDUZ", "Zilol", "PRIMA FURNITURE" and furniture markets in Namangan and Andijan region. In addition, over 60 representatives from local producers participated in the seminar-trainings.