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KRONOSTAR KRONOSTAR - the biggest manufacturer of wood-based panels in Russia
The project KRONOSTAR (Sharya, Kostroma Region) - the largest investment project in the sphere of woodworking in Russia. It started in 2002 and is aimed at creating a whole complex of the most modern board productions by the year 2007. Already these days KRONOSTAR is the largest producer of wood- based boards in Russia.

KRONO-UKRAINE -  is the biggest particle boards supplier in the market of Ukraine. Being a member of Swiss Krono Group Concern, successful company «Krono-Ukraine» LLC has long work experience not only in the market of Ukraine, but all over the world. Many companies in Russia, Poland, Hungary, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the USA are among its affiliates.

KRONOPOLKRONOPOL - Kronopol Sp. z o.o. is part of the holding Swiss Krono Group (Ernst Kaindl), the world leader in the branch of wood-based products.
By multimillion investments the Swiss investor has quickly led to the change of nearly the whole stock of machines as well as technology, thanks to which the quality of boards manufactured has been noticed and appreciated by customers. However, this was not the end of the investment.

KRONOSPAN, Schetinek
Kronospan Szczecinek Sp. z o.o. -  is the largest manufacturer of MDF in raw and melamine-faced versions, chipboards in raw and melamine-faced versions and lacquered HDF boards. Our products are utilized, first of all, by the building industry as well as furniture and wood-based material manufacturers. Apart from board products, Kronospan Szczecinek assortment includes also wall panels which are manufactured in many color and decor versions.
KRONOSPAN, Russia -one of the most important projects of Kronospan Holdings East Limited which has been worked out and realized taking into account long experience of the holding both in production of high quality products and in resource-saving technologies and environmental care
HOMAG - whether the furniture industry or its suppliers, whether the cabinet shop or interior fitter - the Homag product range is tuned to the widest conceivable range of requirements. The core field of competence represented by the parent company lies in sizing and edge banding, softforming and postforming, as well as stationary CNC machines and complete production lines.
BRANDT - Кромкооблицовочные станки для малых и средних предприятий
WEEKE -Whether the furniture industry and its suppliers, whether interior fitters and cabinet shops - the companies which make up the Homag Group offer a complete, ideally coordinated range for streamlined woodworking.

FRIZ - Friz machines and technologies are appreciated by all renown manufacturers and their suppliers in Germany and around the globe. Since 1980, Friz Kaschiertechnik is a member of the Homag Group, the leading supplier of woodworking machines.
Friz Kaschiertechnik is the Homag Group's specialist for development and production of laminating systems, i. e. laminating of flat surfaces, profile wrapping and membrane pressing.

BARGSTEDT -  well-known all over the world for intelligent transport technology, offers its customers energy and resource efficient concepts for a production that meets the market with the product lines feeding, handling and stacking as well as storing, buffering, sorting and picking.
BUTFERING - the experts of intelligent machine concepts for woodworking applications. Sanding of flat panels for calibration, fine finish and varnish. No matter if you need an entry level machine for your craftsmen shop or a custom made production machine for your industrial line. Come to us, we have your machine.
Single saws, angular systems, large-scale installations, standard equipment or special options - whatever you require, HOLZMA panel sizing saws will help you process your orders faster, more economically and with greater flexibility. How? Our engineers analyse your company's requirements and then put together a performance package to suit your individual needs. Your advantage: You can count on the reliability and precision of HOLZMA machines even under high-performance conditions. You can depend on HOLZMA.
TORWEGGE - Torwegge is responsible for special applications such as Transair technology, workpiece transport for longitudinal processing, plank production for herringbone laying (45° sizing) and also, for example, the random-length processing of parquet planks.
LIGMATECH - Efficient system solutions for the woodworking industry
As a manufacturer or supplier of furniture you already know: The customer had become more demanding and calls always for high quality products. Thereof, every company has to question itself whether there is the possibility of producing more rational , more flexible and simultaneously more cost-efficient. Because only somebody who is able to provide a rapid and low-price production has an competitive advantage. Yes, even more: the existence of the business will be ensured!
WEINMANN - Weinmann - specialist for innovative solutions in the construction of timber houses.

The company´s prime objective is solid and enduring partnership with our customers. Weinmann, in its capacity of a service partner, offers the full product range for economical, efficient and accurate production. Thorough, in-depth counselling forms the basis for successful cooperation.

The original concept of Altendorf's range of sliding table saws was based on one model. Today Altendorf offers users the choice of five different series tailored for individual uses and individual budgets. All machines boast a superior build quality, state-of-the-art features and an excellent price/performance ratio
LEITZLeitz GmbH & Co. KG with its headquarters in Oberkochen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany is a leading technology manufacturer of machine-driven precision tools and process designed tool systems for the professional processing of solid wood, wood derived and plastic materials. ORMA MACHINE
ORMA MACHINE - Прессы для различных видов деятельности в сфере мебельной и деревообрабатывающей промышленности. 
  AMFAMF - is the greatest manufacturer of office furniture and it was founded in 1999. The Company joints seven manufacturing firms that produce furniture and accessories in Ukraine, Russia and China.

DTC - is one of the biggest manufacturer of furniture accessories. 

KLIBERITKLEIBERIT - is the most famous manufacturer of high quality glue under the brand of "KLEIBERIT". The company has been manufacturing glue materials for different fields of production since 1948.  


WIGO - is trhe division of LEITZ at producing instruments of processing metal and plastic.  
GRIGGIOGRIGGIO's machineries are designed by the Technical Department inside the company. A breeding ground of ideas, the Technical Department is the throbbing heart of any company who can satisfy at the very best the requests of its customers, thanks to its capability of monitoring the market with attentive look and perspicacity. 

Each machine manufactured by GRIGGIO is the result of a path that starts from the design and goes through the realization of prototypes, which after many checks and thanks to the cooperation with qualified departments of the university, and ends with the production and sale of machines capable of satisfying the highest quality standards.

ELITE OFFICE FURNITURE - is the manufacturer of elite office sofas and chairs.  
FORTUNE - is the manufacturer of furniture accessories.

БЕЛСТИЛЬМЕБЕЛЬ - is the manufacturer of  sleeping sets 

Company "BUSINESS LEASING" offers almost all kinds of leasing operations..