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Wall panels

Wall panels provide a creative solution to any individual interior design. Wall panels mean not only unique quality, but also durable, aesthetic and available in several appealing decors solutions to space arrangement. 

They are mainly designed for wall paneling, however they can also be laid on ceilings. In addition they improve thermal and acoustic insulation of interior rooms. They are easy to assemble and can be laid in any configuration. Wall panels are constructed with a MDF's core and are finished on one side with a decorative color film.

Kronostar wall panels: Practical, ecological wall panels have recently become an integral part of modern interior.

In September 2004 Kronostar began manufacturing wall panels based on MDF and LDF of own production. The distinctive feature of wall panels produced by Swiss Krono Group enterprises is not only high quality, but design and beauty, easiness of installation, a great variety of decors. They are meant for laying on walls , but if one wishes they can be used for decorating the ceiling.

These panels provide additional thermal and acoustic isolation. Easy installation allows to lay the panels both horizontally and vertically and in many other different ways.

Production of wall panels:

Peculiarities of technological process give the MDF wall panels a range of advantages in comparison with other decorative materials. If using the wall panels at home or in an office, a kitchen or a conference room, high soundproofing, thermal isolation, appealing appearance are guaranteed. Panel maintenance is very convenient- you won’t get tired while cleaning the panels. It is enough to wipe them over with a wet cloth or any detergent. If necessary, you can easily substitute damaged elements. To decorate rooms with wall panels you do not have to remove old paint, wallpaper or plaster, to smooth walls and etc. before that. You do not need any special tools or equipment and you do not have to be a qualified professional repairman when using the panels for decorating. Reasonable price of the panels, their simplicity and comfortable installation allow you to save your time and money. A wide range of decors, an opportunity to fix the panels easily and multi-purpose disposition allow to fulfill different design ideas.

Usage of the wall panels in the interior Kronostar manufactures panels based on MDF and LDF, covered with a decorative film of various decors and structures.

hygienic safety (the product meets the European standard of the emission of formaldehyde E1)
aesthetic beautiful design
easy installation
simple maintenance
do not require preparation of walls before the installation
do not require any special tools
do not require conservation

ATTENTION: The wall panels are supposed to be used both on walls and ceiling. It is necessary to bear in mind that the wall panels are not suitable for rooms where the humidity level is more than 70 % ( a bathroom, a toilet, a sauna, laundry and etc.)

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